Russian language articles

How and where to learn Russian for free? How to learn Russian fast? What is better: learning Russian via Skype vs. learning Russian in Russia? We answer these and many other questions in our useful articles about learning Russian language.

Where to learn Russian for free

Russian, like any other language, is quickly lost without constant training and practice. There can be no doubt that the most effective method for achieving this is regular lessons with a teacher. However, often it turns out that one or two Russian les …

Humorous Classification of Russian Tutors

Humorous Classification of Russian Tutors

Everybody knows that in order to speak Russian fluently, one must work like a slave, and Russian grammar is a tough nut to crack … In this difficult situation, Russian tutors serve as the guiding force in a Russian student’s life. They are constant com …

Price or teacher

Which comes first, price or teacher?

An important dilemma arises for each student: should I choose the price first, or the teacher? Unfortunately, nowadays there are many options to take cheap Russian classes on the Internet, offered by thousands of “teachers”. It is quite sad, but it oft …

Why learn Russian

Why learn Russian

It is a fact that Russia, the country with the largest territory, occupies one sixth of the earth. The population of Russia consists of diverse nationalities, characters, physical appearances, and cultures. Nevertheless, in one thing we are united: the …

How to learn Russian fast

Professors of Russian and their students both know well that Russian is not the easiest language to learn. In order to “properly” master the Russian language, one must be diligent, persistent, and avoid interrupting the learning process, regardless of …

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