Which comes first, price or teacher?

An important dilemma arises for each student: should I choose the price first, or the teacher?

Unfortunately, nowadays there are many options to take cheap Russian classes on the Internet, offered by thousands of “teachers”.

It is quite sad, but it often happens that a teacher is not a professional, but an amateur, whose main job has nothing to do with teaching; they are just trying to earn a little more money this way.

Let’s analyze the following situation: the teacher offers a very low price for Russian lessons, then they have to have many students, which means they will not have enough time to prepare classroom materials and lesson plans.

If the teacher offers a low price, it may mean that they do not have confidence in their pedagogical skills, so ask yourself: is this a real teacher? Maybe they don’t even have a special diploma for teaching Russian to foreigners. And how will they explain the grammar then? Russian grammar is very complicated, and there are many nuances that need special explanation and attention from the teacher.

Do they have teaching experience? Have they ever taught via Skype? Being native is not enough to teach Russian!

It could even be a company that resells students to teachers, as some schools and even big universities do here, and the teachers receive only 2 or 3 euros per hour from each 60-minute class!

Don’t you think that by hiring a teacher like that, you are going to spend much more money without getting the desired result?

In other words, before choosing a Russian teacher, consider the following:

  1. The teacher’s professional education (confirmed with scanned documents);
  2. The teacher’s work experience (confirmed with scanned documents);
  3. The teacher’s experience working via Skype (contact some of their students).

Russificate Team

2 thoughts on “Which comes first, price or teacher?

  1. Hi, my name is Jacob.

    I have been learning Russian for little over 1-2 years, and I know some words and phrases to heart now, but I am now wanting to take my experience to the class room. The problem is, I am having no luck finding good online teachers. Are there any recommended sites (besides this one), that teach Russian. I’m looking for certified-type teachers with experience in Skype and stuff.

  2. Dear Jacob,

    “Russificate” is the only school I know with certified teachers with large teaching experience. In the other online Russian schools you can’t even check out the CVs of the teachers, which makes it extremely difficult to find an appropriate one. That’s probably the reason why you can’t find a good online teacher.
    Good luck!
    Yulia Amlinskaya,
    School director.

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