Adjectives in Neuter Singular

Asked by John on March 12, 2020


When using numbers is it possible to use short from adjectives in the neuter singular? I think I heard the following in a news report, but I'm not sure if I heard it correctly: возбуждено и расследованы три уголовных дела.
Also, I've come across прошло 5 лет; would it be incorrect to say прошли 5 лет?
Thank you very much for your help.


Hi John,

If the predicate  is used in the Past tense with numbers, it is always going to be neuter.

В университет пришло три студента.

Было расследовано два уголовных дела.

However, there are some more complicated cases, even for native speakers. You can read about it in this article:


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