Russian vocabulary lessons

House Vocabulary: Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! Do yo have a house or a flat? Is it big or small? Can you describe your house in Russian? Today we’ve prepared a new test that will help you master house vocabulary in Russian. Good luck!

Russian Computer Terms

Want to know if you would make a good Russian geek? This test will help you learn and master the most important Russian computer terms. Good luck!

Russian Souvenirs Test

What Russian souvenirs do you have at home, only matrioshkas or something else? We created this test to check if there are real fans of Russian souvenirs among our readers!

Russian cuisine test

Dear students! If you have been to many Russian restaurants and tasted numerous dishes, now it’s time to check if you’re a real expert in the Russian cuisine!

How to express emotions and physical states in Russian

Dear Russian learners! We are happy to announce that our school has launched a new project: we are going to publish Russian lessons with grammar and vocabulary exercises for three different levels every week!