Russian Adverbs “once”, “twice”, etc.

November 29, 2019 | Tags: Russian adverbs

Did you know that there are different ways of saying “once”, “twice”, “three times” and “four times”? You can use a numeral with a noun, for example, один раз, два раза, etc., but you can also use the adverbs дважды (twice), трижды (three times), четырежды (four times). Единожды (once) is only used in literature. There are no adverbs for “five times”, “six times”, etc., so you have to say пять раз, шесть раз, etc.

For example,

Я уже дважды (два раза) был в Париже. I have already been to Paris twice.
Саша трижды пытался поступить в университет. Sasha tried to enter the universiry three times.

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