Group Russian lessons

Russificate School offers online Russian lessons in groups of 4-7 people with professional teachers with extensive experience.

These are some important points to consider

  1. Groups consist of 4-7 people of different nationalities. Our specially trained managers form groups of students who have the same Russian language level.
  2. The cost of a 45-minute lesson of the General Russian language course is 5 euros per person, the cost of a 60-minute lesson is 7 euros. This is not very high, since lessons are taught in groups and it corresponds to the average cost of an online lesson in Russian as a foreign language.
  3. Lessons are conducted through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and other video communication programs. Features of these include: virtual collaborative whiteboard, chat, screen sharing, sound synchronization, and file transfer. The teacher can hear and see each student and students can participate in dialogues and discussions. Course materials include presentations, interactive exercises, courses and textbooks, and the teacher offers creative homework assignments.
  4. For students of each level, there is a separate program and separate materials.
  5. The main advantage of these lessons is that students learn from each other, communicate, form dialogues and complete communication tasks together. This facilitates the group work of the students outside the classroom. Intercultural communication is one of the key points of the course.
  6. Each student is offered a thirty minute trial lesson, which is free of charge.
  7. If students do not have a beginner level, then the teacher tests each student during the first trial lesson.
  8. We offer classes at different times so that students have the opportunity to choose a convenient class schedule.

What is the procedure like?

  1. You fill out the form, and we contact you on the same day and include you (by email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger) into groups with other students, depending on your Russian language level and the convenient schedule.
  2. We put you in touch with the teacher of our school by sending you his profile. Your group has a free trial lesson (30 minutes).
  3. If you are satisfied with the trial lesson, then you can pay for the package of lessons and continue your studies.

What will I achieve?

If you are a beginner student, in 3 months you will master the simplest everyday conversational situations and basic grammar, necessary for successful communication during a trip to Russia. We have a specially designed program and materials related to all types of learning activities – speaking, writing, reading and listening for students of each level.


水平: A1
周一和周四 20:30
周一 16:00 周三 17:00
水平: A2
週二和周四 10:00
周一 19:00 周五 17:00
水平: B1
周一和周三 11:00
週二和周五 16:00
水平: B2
周一和周四 16:00
週二 21:00
水平: C1
周一和周四 15:00

Group lesson prices


课程时长 1 课时 10 课时
45分钟课时 6 € 55 € 5.5€ per lesson
节省 5 欧元
60分钟课时 7 € 65 € 6.5€ per lesson
节省 5 欧元
90分钟课时 10 € 95 € 9.5€ per lesson
节省 5 欧元


课程时长 1 课时 10 课时
45分钟课时 8 € 75 € 7.5€ per lesson
节省 5 欧元
60分钟课时 9 € 85 € 8.5€ per lesson
节省 5 欧元
90分钟课时 12 € 115 € 11.5€ per lesson
节省 5 欧元


1. 非专业课程的目的是帮助学生掌握俄语的一些基本技能,所以这些课程不需要教师提供特定的知识或不同的教学方法:

2. 专业课程旨在帮助学生在语言学习过程中实现一些特定的目标,所以这些课程需要老师具备额外的知识、充分的准备并使用不同的教学方法。