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We are glad to introduce you to our partners – the sites and resources for those who love and are learning the Russian language!


This site provides a great collection of language learning resources from free podcasts and phrasebooks to some schools and learning methods. Most content is in Russian but there is also a section for English speakers.


Dict.com is the most extensive online dictionary with 29 languages in 616 unique combinations. You can work with grammar overview, pronunciation recorded by native speakers or phonetic transcription, examples of use, very friendly user interface, phrasebooks, word usage and many more features you’ll appreciate when learning foreign language.

Очень по-русски

Russian beyond your standard textbooks voiced by a native Russian speaker. Audio podcast about Russian slang, idioms and interesting expressions with full transcription and translation to Engish. It’s a great addition to regular Russian lessons for upper-intermediate and advanced learners.

Language Life

Language Life is an International online foreign language school. We offer individual lessons via Skype with higly-experienced and professional native-speaking teachers from various countries. At Language Life, you will have the opportunity to learn conversational language, prepare for exams, learn business vocabulary, and thoroughly immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are studying. Try our 45-minute free sample lesson!

Learn Russian Daily

Need more daily Russian practice? Subscribe to the Russian Dose of the Day and get a new Russian word or phrase in your inbox or Facebook feed daily! Every word is voiced by a native Russian speaker, as well as two examples that come with it.
Want more? Check out our audio-phrasebook and learn useful phrases that can be used in everyday situations.
Flashcards will help you to repeat all the words you learned with us.

Russian Podcast

Russian Language Podcast hosted by Tatiana offers a large number of free Russian audio lessons. Each Russian lesson includes a dialogue entirely in Russian and a free Russian pdf file. Perfect for Russian students who already understand a bit of Russian and want to improve their Russian vocabulary. Have fun, learn Russian!

Learn Russian Step by Step

If you have just started leaning Russian, there are two things which are the most important for you on at this stage: grammar and pronunciation. This site provides you with essential Russian grammar, gives examples, and lets you listen to these examples recorded by a native Russian speaker. A great help for any beginner!



Languing is the free language network where you will be able to learn, practice and share any language wherever and whenever you are through videoconferences. You will meet interesting people for you and learn from them the language that you are studying. Languing gives you the possibility to do business while you are learning a new language because you will be able to look for your Languing partner by occupation filter. ENJOY LANGUING!



Russian studies and professional internships in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Learn language in academic and professional spheres, gaining international working experience! Create your own individual program on a turn-key basis considering your education, skills, wishes and professional goals.

Explore Russian

Angelos Georgakis does a great job teaching “Russian in context”, i.e. songs, films, cartoons, poetry, culture and more. He uses the power of associations to make things stick to your memory. On Explore Russian, you’ll also find some effective and unusual techniques to learn Russian that can also be applied to any language.

Tochka RU

Colourful motivational modern Russian coursebook „Tochka Ru“ level A1. Addressed to young people 16+ and adults and covers 120-150 academic hours.

Everyday Russian

Free online audio lessons of Russian for all levels. Twelve types of activities, including “Audio dictation”, “Tests”, “Verb conjugation”, “Russian cases”, “Word of the week”, “Phrase of the week”, etc. More than 300 lessons to learn and prcatice Russian every day!


Have fun and learn Russian with ‘Soroka. Russian for Kids’. ‘Soroka’ makes learning easy with a variety of activities and gives Children solid ground in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Russian.

Russia Local Ltd

Russia Local Ltd offers Russian language tuition, English Russian translation, marketing and consultancy services in London.


Created in 2005 as Expat Blog, Expat.com is the exchange network dedicated to life abroad. It provides free information and advice to those living or wishing to live overseas. Share your expat experience! We rely on the experience of expatriates by inviting them to share it on the website: everybody can participate! Designed by expatriates for expatriates, Expat.com helps people who want to live abroad, wherever they are in the world, and wherever they would like to live.


Livefluent provides language learning information and tips for native English speakers who are learning foreign languages. The site offers tips and resources, as well as grammar help for those learning Russian.

Russian Pen Pal

Learning Russian? Russian Pel Pal gives you an opportunity to find a Russian friend who is interested in learning your native language. What can be better to practice?

The way it works is simple: register an account, fill up your profile by answering a few questions about yourself and what you like to talk about, and start sending messages to the people who’s profile you liked.

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