Intermediate Russian

Russian Verbs of Teaching and Learning: Intermediate Level

Did you know that Russian teaching and learning verbs are actually quite tricky? You can check if you know them with our new test. Good luck!

Getting Around. Intermediate Level

Dear Russian language learners! Today we have created a new test for intermediate learners that will help you get around Russian cities and towns. Good luck!

Russian Informal and Formal Letters: Intermediate level

Have you ever written emails to Russian friends and partners? In this test you will be able to revise some important expressions we normally use in informal and formal letters. Good luck! 

Russian Relative Clauses: Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! Our new test is on Russian relative clauses with the word который, which are, in fact, quite tricky, so good luck!

Date and Time Expressions: Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! We have prepared a new short grammar and vocabulary test on the date and time expressions in the Russian language. Good luck!

Test on Russian Cases: Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! With this test, created especially for beginners and intermediate students, you will be able to revise the main meanings of the Russian cases. Good luck!

Everyday Actions: Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! Our today’s vocabulary test will help you learn the Russian verbs, related to everyday actions. You will also be able to practise your knowledge of Russian reflexive verbs. Good luck!

Appearance Vocabulary: Intermediate

Dear students! Do you already know how to speak about appearance in Russian? We have prepared a new test for upper-intermediate students on this topic. Good luck!

Russian Imperative: Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! We are back with a new grammar test on Russian imperative mood. Some questions are quite tricky, so don’t get too comfortable. 🙂 Good luck!

Russian New Year and Christmas: Intermediate level

Dear Russian learners! Are you prepared for Christmas? In this test, we will show you how New Year and Christmas are celebrated in Russia. Feel free to check the questions out on Wikipedia and learn new facts! Good luck!