Online Russian lessons

The Verb жить with Prefixes: Advanced Level

Dear students! We have prepared a new test on the Russian verb жить with prefixes. It is a very important verb, widely used in everyday speech. Please, do not hesitate to ask us any additional questions. Good luck!

Russian Cases and New Year’s Traditions

Dear Russian students! With this test, you can both practice Russian cases and review Russian New Year’s Day Traditions. Happy holidays and good luck!

Russian Media Test: Advanced Level

Dear advanced level students! We have prepared a special test for you! It is based on the language of Russian media. All the examples were taken from real authentic articles in the Russian language. Good luck!

At the Pharmacy: Intermediate Level

Dear students! Have you ever been to a pharmacy in Russia? Our new test will help you revise (or learn) some useful words and phrases related to this topic. Good luck!

Crime and Punishment: Advanced Level

Dear Russian learners! We have created a new test on crime and punishment. It is based on real examples, found on the Internet. It will help you revise some important collocations and learn new words and phrases. Good luck!

Getting Around. Intermediate Level

Dear Russian language learners! Today we have created a new test for intermediate learners that will help you get around Russian cities and towns. Good luck!

Shops and Shopping. Intermediate

Dear Russian learners! We have created a new test for intermediate learners. based on Russian words and phrases that you normally use when you go shopping. Good luck!

Speaking on the Phone: Beginner’s Level

Dear Russian learners! Have you ever spoken on the phone in Russian? In this new test we will teach you the main words expressions, used by Russians when speaking on the phone. Good luck!

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