Russian verbs

Russian Prefixed Verbs: Advanced

Dear Russian learners! Today we have created a new test to test your knowledge of Russian prefixed verbs, one of the most difficult, but also most fascinating topics of the Russian language. Good luck!

Verbs of Motion with Prefixes: Intermediate Level

Dear visitors! If you have succesfully passed our first test on the verbs of motion, here is the second one for those who has already learned the prefixes and wants to master them. Good luck!

Verbs of Motion: Beginner Level

Dear Russian learners! As you probably already know, the verbs of motion is one of the most important and, at the same time, most difficult Russian grammar topics. Let’s revise them together!

Imperfective and Perfective Verb Aspects: Intermediate Level

Dear Russian learners! Today we are presenting the second part of the test on Russian verb aspects for intermediate level students. Good luck!

Russian Grammar Test: Imperfective and Perfective Verb Aspects

We created this test for those who want to check if they are real experts in the Russian verb aspects. This quiz is for beginners and the second one, which is going to be published next month, is for intermediate level students.