Russian Possessive Adjectives

August 9, 2018 | Tags: Russian adjectives

Did you know that in the Russian language there is such a grammatical category as possessive adjectives

There are 2 types of possessive adjectives:

  1. The first type is formed from proper names and the nouns denoting people. There are 2 types of suffixes used to form this type of adjectives, ин (ын) and ов (ев).

Отцов, отцова, отцово, отцовы: Father’s

Серёжин, Серёжина, Серёжино, Серёжины: Sergey’s

Юлин, Юлина, Юлино, Юлины: Yulia’s

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Мамин, мамина. мамино, мамины: Mom’s

2. The second type is formed from the nouns denoting people or animals. The suffixes are: ий, ья, ье, ьи. Final consonants of the stem change in this group: к, ц, т — ч, х — ш, д,г — ж.

Заяц: заячий, заячья, заячье, заячьи: Of the hair

Казак: казачий, казачья, казачье, казачьи: Cossak’s

Лиса: лисий, лисья, лисье, лисьи. Of the fox

They are declined as all the other adjectives,  the adjectives of the second type are declined as soft form adjectives.

For example,

N. Заячий

G. Заячьего

D. Заячьему

A. Заячий (Заячьего)

I. Зачьим

P. Заячьем



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