Russian Proverbs: Advanced

Bored by standard grammar tests? Find out how well you know Russian proverbs and sayings with our new quiz!

Russian Proverbs: Advanced


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3 thoughts on “Russian Proverbs: Advanced

  1. In Question 10 Find the ODD option there are 4 answers:
    язы́к до Ки́ева доведëт
    язы́к мой – враг мой
    без языкá и кóлокол нем.
    язык без костéй

    And you mark 3rd variant “без языкá и кóлокол нем” as a correct one.

    I think the second one “язы́к мой – враг мой” is more correct as it is the only one proverb, which puts emphasis on negative side of “язык”.

    Source: native Russian speaker.

    • Dear Yulia,

      I would like to agree with Eduard in this case as the difference between phrases is not clear and any of them can be the odd option depending on used criteria which is not specified in the question. Maybe the criteria should be explained in more details so it’s not ambiguous.

      Nevertheless thank you for your valuable work.

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