Natalia T.

Natalia T.

Languages spoken

  • Russian (native speaker)

Teaches courses


Lviv National Academy of Arts (1991-1997). Area of expertise: Decorative and applied art. Ceramics and artistic modelling. Specialization: Art education.

Work experience

Artist and ceramicist. Teacher of clay modelling since 2000 at children’s art studios “Harmonia” and “Sunny” (Yalta) and at the Scholkine Art School (Crimea, Russia).

Starting in 2007 – permanent teacher of creative lessons at the Ella Glushkova Family Soft School.

Participant in camps and study seminars in Crimea, Russia, Greece, and Italy as a clay, ceramics, and visual arts teacher for children and adults.

Individual and group lessons with international and bilingual children.

Currently also working as an artist using painting techniques on glass and creating ceramic decorations. Extensive experience working online.

Lessons start from 5.5 €!