“TruD” Dictation for RFL students

Dear Russian language students! We are pleased to announce our new media partnership with another important international project: “TruD” Russian as a Foreign Language Test! TruD Test is a dictation for those who are studying Russian as a foreign language. It is part of the well-known “Тотальный диктант” project designed for Russian speakers.

The Russian as a Foreign Language test is composed of 10 interesting and informative assignments developed by RFL experts and based on authentic texts. The final (11th) assignment is a small excerpt from an authentic text intended for Russian speakers, which the RFL test participants write out according to the dictation. This assignment lets participants experience the spirit and atmosphere of the principle service offered by “Тотаьный диктант”.

TruD Test’s intended audience:
Students outside Russia who are studying Russian language.
International students studying at Russian universities.
Russian heritage language learners, including bilingual children living outside of the Russian Federation.
Any group of Russian as a Foreign Language learners within Russia or beyond.

The test is suitable for various language levels from A2 to B2. However, even those at the A1 language level can work with some of the assignments.

Click here for more detailed information and materials: https://totaldict.ru/about/trud/

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