Difference between “оба” and “и то, и другое”

Asked by John on November 3, 2019


Is there a difference in the use of и то и другое and оба or are they more or less synonymous?
Many thanks


Hi John,

The pronoun и то, и другое is used when we emphasise the difference between two different objects. It means "one and another thing or phenomena", not "two thing or phenomena together". И то, и другое is also used with actions, оба can't be used in this case.

Что ты будешь, бутерброд с сыром или кашу? И то, и другое.

Ты любишь спать или есть? И то, и другое.

Оба (обе) is used when there are two objects with the same qualities.

У меня порвались оба ботинка. 

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