Russian Mixed Conjugation

Asked by Lars on May 4, 2020


Hi. I recently discovered a russian verb that followed both 1st ie -ю/-ешь etc decl type and the 2nd ie -у/ишь etc type. Possibly the word had two different meaning. Now I can't find it again :-( . And it made me wonder, are there many (more) verbs in russian that can follow both types? Thank you.


Hello Lars,

Some Russian verbs have mixed conjugation, they have endings from the 1st and the 2nd type of conjugation. For example,
хоч-у, хоч-ешь, хоч-ет, хот-им, хот-ите, хот-ят; бег-у, беж-ишь, беж-ит, беж-им, беж-ите, бег-ут.

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