Difference between просто and только

Asked by Omar on July 15, 2018


What is the difference between просто and только, and how and when to use each one of them?


Hi! Просто means "simply", or "simple".
Это просто. This is simple
Я просто смотрю.  I am simply watching.

Только  means "only" or "just".
Я только  хотела сказать "спасибо". I only wanted to say "thank you".
Он ест только мясо! He only eats meat (and nothing else).

Sometimes "просто" and "только" can be interchangeable.
Я только посмотрю  I'll just take a look
Я просто посмотрю  I'll simply take a look. In English it works the same way.

Только can also mean "just" in reference to time. In this case it is translated as "have just" or "has just" in English.
Я только приехала - I have just arrived

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