Vocabulary questions: разбирать стол, да да, болтаться за бортом

Asked by Clare U on May 23, 2020


I have three vocabulary questions about a story I'm reading:
1. If the story says that some party guests had started to "разбирать стол," which sense of разбирать is it? For context, they're clearly not tearing apart the table (based on everything else that happens), but another character is worried/stressed out by this action, which makes it seem like just inspecting it doesn't make sense.
2. If someone says "Да, да" to someone else, does it have a rude or dismissive connotation?
3. What would it mean for someone to "болтаться за бортом" (on a boat)? I originally thought it meant "to hang around on deck," but it doesn't make as much sense in context.


Hi Clare,

  1. It just means "to clear up the table".
  2. It can be rude or dismissive or it can be just normal. Everything depends on the intonation.
  3. It probably means a thing which is attached to the boat and is hanging on one side of the boat. It can also means a person or an object swimming near the boat.

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