The Russian verb стать

Asked by George Jagels on April 22, 2019


I am getting the impression that the verb стать has a wide variety of meanings, rather like "get" in English or "llevar" in Spanish. For example, I see "вдрук и черные, и желтые, и белые люди размножатся но воевать не станут. зато им нечего станет есть, и все умрут от голода" which my dual language book translates as "...what if black, yellow and white people reproduced but didn't fight with one another? They wouldn't have anything to eat and they’d die of starvation". It seems to me that in this example станут might be translated as “begin” and станет as “remain” but these are guesses. Any help you could give me with the multiple meanings of this verb would be greatly appreciated.


Hello George,

In fact, the verb стать has many meanings. In your example, this verb is just the synynym of будут. You can check the other meanings with examples here:


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